Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ron Paul

I recently got this facebook message. I said that our organization couldn't (and wouldn't) officially support Ron Paul, but that several individual members might be interested. Thus, I am passing it on to you...

Nicole Gugliucci
1:13pm September 7th
Report Message
Hello! My name is Nicole Gugliucci, and I'm a third year grad student at UVa. I was looking for a college libertarians group on campus for the purpose of getting people interested in the Presidential campaign of Ron Paul. Someone on the Ron Paul Facebook group mentioned that you might be a good contact for UVa. I'm one of only a few UVa students signed up at the Charlottesville Ron Paul MeetUp. We would like to start some kind of activities on campus, but I for one, as a grad student, am not very familiar with student groups on Grounds. First, I encourage you to check out out MeetUp group ( and let me know if you have any suggestions for our UVa activities. Our next meeting is Monday at 7pm, and they are a really great group of people. Also, does the Libertarian group still meet on grounds? The Student Activities Center website listed it as "not active." Thanks for your help!


Anonymous said...

Join your local GOP at tables at Fairs and Festivals so you can hawk RP materials or have your own table.

Get the colllege kids to sign up to vote R for RP.

Do sign waves at busy intersections.

Visit retirement homes and veteran's homes.

Have a 'virtual' house party where you show RP videos and talk about why people should support him, sort of an RP informational night.

Cheers from NH!

Anonymous said...

Please Support Ron Paul

You can vote for Ron Paul in the Free Market Hall of Fame Poll of legislators and government officials at plus sign and comment on the Ron Paul Is Right – Abolish the Federal Reserve Petition at
You also might want to read “The Final Presidential Executive Order” a fictional story about a future terrorist attack against the US and learn how the government response elected Ron Paul as President of the United States at

Anonymous said...

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