Thursday, March 20, 2008

Reaction to Obama's answer

Here's the video of his pastor and spiritual advisor:
Lively speaker, especially with the hand gestures on the chickens (quoting Malcolm X there).

It's hard to find any negative reaction to Obama's speech, but here are a couple:

Obama is a much smarter fellow than McCain, and I'm not sure his close friendship with this pastor will stop him from becoming President. It is troubling to be electing someone whose primary loyalty seems not to be to America. But he has the nomination pretty much wrapped up and people are so eager to vote for him, and he knows so well how to arm himself with all the ways Americans want to make war on reality (the American dream), and he offers forgiveness for the things for which Americans most crave redemption, that I don't think this will sink him, especially against the old defender of an unpopular war and President.

(p.s. Journalists are out of touch with the views of many black Americans in thinking that Obama's pastor is "out of the mainstream." He is only slightly out of the black mainstream, since a third of black churchgoers, at all churches, believe that AIDS was at least in some way the result of a government attempt to commit genocide. A Rasmussen poll released Monday found that 29% of blacks surveyed said Wright's comments made them more likely to support Obama, while only 18% said the opposite, and half said Wright's comments would have no effect on them.)

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