Friday, September 03, 2010

Democracy Exposed

Democracy is often heralded as one of the most essential aspects of modern free societies. But is democracy itself an intrinsic good for society or does it serve to further a different, more fundamental and truly intrinsic, value?

If democracy is indeed highly essential for Just modern societies can the current centuries old US system, which seems to have permanently relegated its citizens to picking amongst only two choices, which ignores up to 49% of all voters, and which has been plagued with concerns over such things as gerrymandering, truly provide the nation with fullest benefits that democracy can provide?

The US Republic was the fist modern democratic system and more closely resembles an exotic prototype then a rigorously tested and perfected piece of machinery. After two centuries of experience, as well as witnessing the democratic revolution of much of the world, it should be well past time to re-examine our democratic Republic and suggest ways in which it can be improved.

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Ian Downie said...

I have two essential questions about democracy. First, is; what is its purpose? Is it meant to be a guarantor of the freedom of the people? Is it intended mainly to create a just system by giving representation to those subject to taxation?

The second big question I have is to what degree does the current US democratic system fulfill those goals, and in what ways might it be improved? Shouldn't there be a better possible system then one which seems to cause an inevitable expansion of government power and presence in our lives, or one that gives voters only two realistic choices among the nearly infinite combination of possible views on the issues?